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Furniture Cleaning

Like most things around the home or office, furniture eventually gets dirty. It gets dusty, its colors fade, and it might even start to smell a little. But that isn’t grounds for replacement. Your furniture just needs the care of an experienced professional cleaning company.

New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning’s trained technicians have the skill and experience to treat all types of home or business furniture. From fabric couch cleaning to leather sofa cleaning, we’re here for your peace of mind. Our organic solutions gently remove stains, bacteria, and allergens from your fabrics. Enjoy visible results that last.

Learn more about our process and discover why we’re the best furniture cleaning company for your needs!

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New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Personalized Furniture Cleaning

We begin each project with a thorough examination of your upholstered furniture. What do we look for? The type of fabric, levels of dirt accumulation, stains, rips, pulls, and other damages. After our inspection, we develop a plan that minimizes damage to your furniture while maximizing results.

Each piece of furniture has a unique set of needs. Leather sofa cleaning, for instance, needs a moisturizing coating to restore its natural oils. Some fabric couch cleaning must be done without water to avoid damaging the material. Before we start, we discuss this plan with you because communication is important to us.

Residential Couch Cleaning

Here’s where we get down to business. Using top-of-the-line furniture steam cleaners, we extract dirt and debris from your furniture. Our portable equipment means you don’t have to go anywhere to get the best results imaginable.

Each of our products has been carefully designed to prevent the soapy residue you find with household cleaning products. Since most of our treatments are certified organic, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is safe for your children and pets.

Commercial Leather Furniture Cleaner and Stain Removal

Office chairs and leather sofas often take a beating. Grease stains from dirty hands or ink marks aren’t always easy to remove. This is especially true if you’re just using regular fabric couch cleaners. After our thorough cleanse, we go back to tackle the tough spots with targeted spot-cleaning treatments.

Furniture Cleaning that Protects Against Future Damage

Our protective coatings extend the life of your fabric and leather furniture. The fragrance-free formula won’t detract from the comfort of your couch, but it will make a big difference in keeping it safe. Our carefully designed products prevent discoloration and protect against stains. It’s a great investment for your furniture’s future.

Before we finish the job, we’ll look at our work over to make sure no spot escaped our notice. We’ll also invite you to join us in the inspection to guarantee your satisfaction.

Contact Us Now for Unbeatable Furniture Cleaning

The key to long-lasting furniture is our professional couch cleaning. Nothing returns such quality results as our expert touch. With competitive rates and proven results, we’re sure we’ll make an impression.

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Furniture Cleaning

New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the furniture cleaning professional many local businesses and residents rely on to keep sofas, chairs, and other decorative fabrics refreshed and looking and smelling their best.

Our expertise extends to a wide range of fabric types and is your best resource when tackling tough stains and problematic odors. When our work is complete, you can look forward to furniture that is restored to like-new condition with any germs, allergens, and unpleasant scents neutralized.

Say goodbye to dirt and stains left over from spills, pet accidents, and much more. Instead, say hello to beautifully maintained furniture that looks better and lasts longer. Ask us how we achieve superior results by getting in touch with our representatives.

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Furniture Cleaning Services for Any Fabric

Are you looking to remove grease, oils, dirt, germs, odors, and stains without harming the fabric or leaving behind any unwanted residue? We’re here to help. We’re proud to offer a wide range of personalized furniture cleaning services to suit your budget and goals.

Some of our most-requested upholstery shampooing services include the following:

  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning suede couches
  • Cleaning microfiber couches
  • Fabric furniture cleaning
  • Sofa deep cleaning
  • Office furniture disinfection
  • Pet stain and odor removal
  • Commercial upholstery cleaning
  • …and more

Get in touch with our representatives to discuss the details, and we’ll equip you with an affordable estimate and a level of professionalism and care that doesn’t disappoint.

Work with an Experienced Sofa Cleaner

We’re professional sofa cleaners who bring proven solutions to tackle tough jobs that require removing dirt and stains from all fabric types.

Whether you’d like to ensure your fabrics stay fresh, bright, and smelling their best, or you need help removing residue from a spill or a tricky stain, we have you covered. Moreover, we offer flexible scheduling opportunities, so you can book our services whenever convenient.

Cleaning Couch Cushions

Your cushions see a lot of action. From regular wear and tear from family and guests to your pets joining you for a snuggle to the accumulation of household dust, there are many opportunities for your furniture to look worn out before it’s time.

Cleaning your couch cushions regularly can help keep your home or office space looking its best without investing in expensive replacements. It can also help to significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce the spread of germs.

Removing Stains from a Couch or Chair

When stains threaten to ruin a beautiful piece of furniture, our technicians are the industry leaders you can count on for swift and affordable solutions that restore life and longevity to all material types.

Call now to learn more about removing stains from couches, chairs, loveseats, office furniture, curtains, and more.

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Packages Help Save Time and Money

Why not bundle your services by working with a licensed carpet and furniture cleaner with a spotless reputation? Our customized cleaning schedules are the right choice for individuals and businesses of all sizes, with scheduling options available outside regular business hours to serve you better.

Call a Dependable Upholstery Cleaner

New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a dependable upholstery cleaning company that combines advanced stain removal and disinfection technology with exceptional client care. Our hand-selected technicians are rigorously trained to deliver world-class service from start to finish.

Get an obligation-free estimate you can trust. Call us at (416) 804-0562.

Fabric Guard Protection

Our Go Clean Green Guard Carpet & Upholstery Protectant, superior anti stain, anti-soiling properties, is designed to coat each fiber with protection, Keeping your Upholstery looking newer, longer with our New Age Upholstery Protector. The triple-action approach repels spills, resists soiling, and blocks stains by forcing liquids up to the surface where they bead up for easy cleanup. Plus neutralizing action minimizes sticky residue other spray cleaners leave behind, making those reappearing, phantom stains a thing of the past. So prepare for life's little mishaps today, and rest assured with New Age Upholstery Protector, your secret stain avenger. New Age Green Guard, is a cutting edge, encapsulation product that contains anti-stain, anti-resoiling properties that neutralize alkalinity residues and limits wicking to carpets and upholstery.

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