Oriental Rug Cleaning in Etobicoke

Professional carpet cleaning services are essential to maintaining the value of your oriental rugs. Cleaning and deodorizing processes don’t provide the same antibacterial treatments as we do—and their solutions only add to the problem. New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning’s professionals are armed with experience and knowledge to deliver worry-free results.

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New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Residential Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Nothing is quite like an oriental rug. Their intricate weaving and vibrant colors are sure to draw guests’ eyes and admiration. These carpets bring a room together, add an air of sophistication, and compliment your home’s decor. Many of these handmade pieces are invaluable and need professional care and attention.

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are high-quality hand-knotted carpets made in Iran. The artists who produce these exceptional pieces are highly skilled and able to create intricate patterns. When it comes to cleaning these expensive pieces, you want experts who treat their work with care and attention. Hire New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for just that. With years in the business and an eye for detail, you know we know our way around Persian rug cleaning.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs add a decadent feeling to any space. Deep cleaning a silk rug is a challenge, but that hasn’t stopped our experts from delivering quality results. One of the most attractive aspects of silk rugs is their shimmering appearance. Rug steam cleaners can often do more harm than good by ruining this texture. For this reason, we’ll often use various dry cleaning and stain processing techniques to remove unwanted odors and spots.

Color Preservation

No matter the type of oriental rug you own, preserving their vibrant colors is always a priority to us. Dust and use tend to cause fading, which obscures the carpet’s elegant patterns. Our techniques restore the brightness to your rug without damaging the natural fibers.

Making the Most of Your Commercial Rug Cleaning Services

After our thorough treatments, your oriental rugs are sure to look and smell fresh. That won’t last for long, though once employees and customers start walking all over them. Without regular maintenance, your carpets will accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria. Make the most of your professional rug cleaning treatments by maintaining your carpets.

Vacuum your rugs regularly to prevent particle build-up. Remember to vacuum the underside of the rug every season.

Our Rug Steam Cleaner Works on Even the Toughest of Stains

If you notice a stain in your carpet, treat it right away. When rinsing it out, make sure not to wet the backing. If you’ve spilled a lot of liquid on your rug, use a fan or hair dryer to make sure it doesn’t stay wet and become a haven for mold. If you’re not able to catch the stain in time, call in the professionals!

Specialist Rug Cleaning That Understands Your Needs

If you need antique rug cleaning or want to ensure that your cherished rug is treated properly, then our experts are here to help. We’re well versed in the cleaning of oriental rugs, which means you can always count on us to take the correct approach, no matter the material of your floor covering.

Your beautiful furnishings are always in safe hands with our company because we’ll never use any cleaning products or techniques that could harm your oriental rugs in any way. If you have any questions about our professional rug cleaning, we encourage you to reach out to us at your convenience.

Proven Results on Rug Restoration and Cleaning

We’ve been trusted to clean a wide variety of oriental rugs throughout our time in business. From well-kept rugs to those in need of some TLC, we promise that we’ll provide you with the best results every time you hire our company.

Thanks to our long history of excellence in the rug cleaning business, we’re now trusted by property owners throughout Etobicoke and the surrounding area. If you have an oriental rug that you’d like professionally cleaned, then New Age Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is the name to remember.

Protect Your Oriental Rugs with Our Help

Looking after vintage or valuable rugs isn’t always straightforward—you can’t just run a vacuum over them and call it a day. If you’re unsure how to care for your oriental rug properly, our company will gladly help you take the guesswork out of your situation. In addition to our qualified cleaning services, we also offer ways to help protect your beautiful rug and ensure it continues to be a fixture in your home or business.

Clean Your Oriental Rugs at a Fair Price

Taking advantage of our specialized rug cleaning services is more affordable than you might expect. We’re pleased to provide reliable and effective oriental rug cleaning at prices our clients can feel good about. Our cleaning services add value to your precious carpets, ensuring that their lifespan is only extended by our cleaning, not diminished. If you’re wondering what it will take to have our professional rug cleaning crew look after your oriental fabric, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your job.

It’s Easy to Schedule Our Oriental Rug Cleaning

We’re a carpet cleaning company that does everything we can to accommodate our clients. If you want to utilize our oriental rug cleaning expertise, then all you need to do is reach out to us with your availability. Our staff will work around your schedule and find the nearest time that is convenient for you for us to perform our cleaning services.

Take a Look at Our Rug Cleaning Results

To highlight our professional capabilities with rug and carpet cleaning, we’ve put together a gallery that showcases real photos from past jobs. If you’re unsure about trusting us with your precious rugs, we hope you’ll take a moment to browse our gallery and get in touch with us if you still have any questions or concerns.

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